Steve and Marge

We celebrated our 50th anniversary right here in Harbour Towne on September 5, 2020. We had 30 of our friends and neighbors join us for a socially distanced party in the cul de sac. It was great.

Harbour Towne

As soon as we saw the view, we knew this is the place for us. We moved in 2008 and have been happy here ever since.

Mindy & Dexter

These two have lived here almost as long as we have. Mindy (right) is the Queen of the house. Dexter, whom we call her little brother, is the true definition of a scaredy cat. You will probably never meet him in person.

Steve’s Stuff

Steve spends his time these days on a number of things:
* writing his award-winning fantasy series called The Universe Builders.
* planning his next travel adventure; there are so many wonderful places he hasn’t visited yet
* learning about technology and sharing it with others (internet stuff, web design, web hosting, and smart technology)
* stock investing and long-term trading
* social activities with friends and neighbors